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East County Transitional Living Center

Join us March 12th when Chris Wiley takes the floor to discuss this exciting and successful program. (description from the Rotary portal)

Chris Wiley East County Transitional Living Center

The story began over 15 years ago as a group of business man and a small church began to transform not only an old motel but thousands of homeless men, women and children. Many of the larger churches in the county, the Southern Baptist Association and the City of El Cajon all came together to develop one of the most successful transitional living centers in the country.

The story continues as you now consider becoming a part of providing an additional 40 rooms for homeless families. Today in San Diego County hundreds of families are sleeping in their cars and are waiting for a room to open so that they too would experience the transformational change that is offered here at ECTLC.

Join us and become a part of that story by donating your time, talent and or treasure to this great work that is happening right here in San Diego. ECTLC plans to expand its outreach by building two dormitory style building and remodeling 40 of its existing rooms opening the door for 40 to 50 new families and possibly 100 children. No child in the USA should have to sleep in a car or under an overpass. Won’t you help us to provide a hand up and guidance back into a safe and healthy living conditions? Your donation no matter how large or small will help us to achieve our goals this year.

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