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Key Clubs Take Out The Trash

Key Clubs from both Santana and West Hills High Schools met today at Big Rock Park to do a clean up. The team picked up 4 bags of trash scattered throughout the park.

Afterward, the group enjoyed a beautiful morning and seemed to have a good time getting together and talking while having pizza provided by Dave Whitacre and salad, chips and drinks from Joan and Keith Warner.

​Thank you Makenna G., Amanda D., Sam G., Kyan S from West Hills, and Darik M., Mirna I., Hannah W., Ben F.,Elijah H, and Brooklyn H. from Santana.

Kiwanians present were Greg, Lou, Phil, Dave W., Joan & Keith.

For more photos and information [click here]

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24. Nov. 2019

Thanks to all.

Gefällt mir
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