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Santee Kiwanis Provides Thermometers To Help Santee Schools Open To Students

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

During the August 18th, 2020, Board Meeting of the Santee School District, the Kiwanis Club of Santee, California presented fifteen no-touch thermometers. The devices are intended to help the school system in opening their campuses in a safe manner.

In a statement to the school board, Santee Kiwanis President-elect Dan Bickford said "Since 1971 the Kiwanis Club of Santee has partnered with Santee schools and it’s PTSAs to provide volunteers, programs, recognition and scholarships for the benefit of our Santee Children.

When a grant from the CAL NEV HA Children’s Fund was made available for Covid Relief it was an easy decision for our club to take advantage of this gift.

Santee Kiwanis President Keith Warner and I were proud to turn over fifteen no-touch thermometers to Dr. Kristin Baranski today in her office. We at Kiwanis hope these thermometers will aid in the safety of our children as they return to in-classroom sessions."

Mr. Bickford also thanked Santee School Board Member Ken Fox and Santee School District Assistant Superintendent Karl Christianson for their time and assistance.

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For more information on the CalNevHa Children's Fund go to

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